::News, Views, & I Lose::

Hi.  My name is Cindy, and I used to blog here.

So.  How the heck are ya?  5 months without a post and without doing much blog reading has left me out of the cyber-loop.  

Speaking of me, I spent an incredible summer sitting on my back porch, basking in tree bark, birds, green everything....and fell in love again.  In love with ME, my life, the world.  Sappy, but I'm shooting straight, here.  Life.is.good.

Hold on tight: quick synopsis of my last 5 months.
Robynator is ginormous.  And awesome.  She's 2.5 and freaking fantabulous.

Walter is beyond gorgeous, almost 7 months, and crawling and sitting and smiling and making my world go round too.

My oldest child C.Ray moved to Nashville to pursue his music dreams.  I've always had all six kids in the same town, no one even went away for college, so this is truly my first taste of living away from one of my kids. He's doing great, and I'm wicked proud of him.

My youngest boys are growing up.  And shaving.
My Hubs and my youngest Sam....almost as tall as Dad.

Yes, Ben is wearing plastic around his neck.  par for the course with this child.

All of my boys at my Dad's wedding in August......my oh my....

My oldest daughter Maddie has also gone thru some huge changes, is now in a new relationship, with a new job, and living a beautiful life.  If you know of anyone who has struggled thru shame and wants to know there is a gorgeous, full life on the other side, she wrote an incredible piece about her experience here.

End of July I took a road trip to Dallas with my other 2 daughters to watch Walter for my middle daughter whilst she attended a business seminar.  While there, I met with the FABULOUS Rebecca of Older and Wisor.   She introduced Walter to pop and we terrorized the crew at World Market.  If you don't read Rebecca, there's simply no help for you.

Here's my two daughters (and Walt) all gussied up for a fancy-dancy night at their thingy in Dallas...
And Grace in the black dress, I must tell you, will be providing me with GRANDBABY #3 in May 2015!!!

Told ya....sooo much good stuff happening in my life.  Just better and better....

So while at this Dallas thingy, I kinda got myself 'reintroduced' to Mary Kay....which all three of my girls were now selling, and why I was with 2 of them in Dallas for their annual Seminar to help with the baby.

I told my girls under no uncertain terms I was NOT interested in becoming a Beauty Consultant.  Happy to enjoy the products after 20 years, but no-selly-the-makeupy.  Nada.

Until Seminar.

I became enamoured with the women I encountered.  Blown away by the company itself.  Wracked my brain for ways to get dressed up, get awarded, take trips, bless women, make cash, and have as much fun as I was seeing these women having....ANNND became the last recruit to help push my daughter Kristen into full-fledged Directorship. (surprise)  BTW, Kristen earned her first career car 3 months after starting with Mary Kay, and became a Director in her 4th month.  She is amazeballs...

Wondering what a decorator/blogger-turned-Mary Kay-Beauty-Consultant does next?
Design and decorate her own Mary Kay Event Room.  Duh.

I now have an excuse to go overboard on all things pink and use all the vintage furniture I'd been keeping in storage.

Repainted several pieces including the table above, the black sideboard below, and the hutch below that.

The hutch stores my dish collection from my mama, which I use to serve my guests during parties.  The drawers hold my administrative stuff and MK party supplies, so the room doubles as my home office.  The huge windows make it bright and happy all day long....

I had originally painted this chair as a set with a vanity.  The customer only wanted the vanity, and I'm soooo glad I saved the chair.  It's the 'Hostess Hot Seat'.  I love offering my hostesses the option of holding their Mary Kay events at my home.  Takes the pressure off them to clean, and they get special treatment in my home.

Building my business!

It's been important for me to hold to my own 'style' as I sell.  I use vintage trays and hobnail vases along with my antiques to display products.

It's a perfect fit for my season of life, and although I'm still making soap and painting furniture now and then, playing with makeup and skincare in the company of lots of women really hits the spot for me right now.  It's like I'm redeeming my high school experience.  All the fun stuff of that time without the crap negatives like jealousy and low self-esteem and catty-ness and cliques.

And I'm not done yet......In September, BH&G finally published my kids' kitchen in their bi-monthly publication, Kitchen + Bath Makeovers.  I think there may still be a few copies left in stores...

It was a 4 page spread, and although I was not mentioned, they quoted my daughter-in-law quite a bit.

 I did all the painting (walls, cabinets), and was a sounding board to my DIL's design ideas.  I was glad to see her own original artwork was used, as well as a leetle bit of the dining set she painted specially for the shoot.

(I filled the baskets with onions and taters...ain't I special?!)
HERE are behind the scenes pics of the actual photo shoot.
HERE are tons of before and afters.
HERE is how I painted stuff and what I used.

And last but not least.....my own personal transformation (still in process, and I'm so ok with that).  These pics were taken 9 weeks apart in the same clothes.  (The white capris were hangin' on by the skin of their teeth, but I was determined to wear the same stuff!)

The program I used was thru my chiropractor.  Totally intense detox/hormone balancing/weight loss program with more suppliments than I'd ever like to see again.  It was called:

So now you're up to date with moi and mine.  I can't tell you I'll be back to blogging any time soon..although I love blogging most around the holidays, so you never know.

And, of course, if you'd like to support my new business, you can shop online with me any old time:
Cindy Harvey, Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant
I'm also always looking for sharp women to join my team or host an online Mary Kay event.  Or connect with me via my personal Mary Kay Facebook Page...I'll be hosting LIVE events thru-out the holidays :)

It's seriously not your gramma's Mary Kay anymore.
Be well.


::My Other Creative Pursuit::

Hi Cottage friends! Here's a little gift from me to you :)

 I'll be recording this and some other original pieces with a dear singer/songwriter friend this summer!

My music is being reawakened, and I'm just so.stinkin.excited!




::Fireplace Before and After::

Well, y'all know I have a thing about fireplaces and mantels, yeah?
Here's the before....

I'd been itching to work on the new house's fireplace/mantel since moving in.  
I had some wishy-washy ideas that began to solidify when a dear friend gave me this piece of scrap pallet wood...

At which point I started obsessing about paint colors.
When we were deciding on finishes, it was cost-prohibitive to carry the stone all the way up to the peak....so I always intended to do some sort of 'treatment' to blend the drywalled part with the stone.

I started by finding a swatch of colors from Sherwin Williams that blended well with the colors on my stone...which happen to have both pink and yellow undertones....which I happened to learn thru this process don't really play nicely with eachother.  It took me no less than 10 samples to get the right shade....
This shows one of the first oopsies at the top.
I won't show you the 8 other shades of 'bandaid' I tried.....

The one that made the room sing ended up being Interactive Cream.

I painted the pallet piece with left over wall paint (Glidden's Antique White), and heavily distressed it with my palm sander.  Hubs used  4 ginormous screws to attach it to the wall.

Sewed up some wispy panels with poor-man's linen....osnaburg muslin.
20 yards at $3/yd using my 50% off coupon at JoAnns.  

They're not hemmed yet, and I think I'm gonna do some bishop sleeves.
Instead of fiddling with a DIY corner rod, I just used those good old fashioned metal rods that cost like $3 each.  No finials or anything.  Lowe's had 'em in oil rubbed bronze.

See how nicely they meet in the corner?
Total cost for dressing my three super large windows...$75.
They really helped pull the room together, bringing the fireplace to the center.

I had originally thought I'd plank the drywall above the stone, but when serendipity strikes, you grab it!
The cast-off pallet wood works perfectly.

Love the rustic texture....as I was sanding, it brought out the yellow undertones in the white paint....hard to see, but trust me, it looks awesome.

My great room is finally coming together....it's not a large room, but with the massive windows and vaulted ceiling, everything felt a bit lost.  Adding some color and texture has helped it feel warm and welcoming.  

I'll share some other things I did in the room next post.  Of course it's not done yet (as if it ever gets 'done').  I hope to add planking and beams to the ceiling eventually, and I'm considering painting the white walls a neutral called 'Biscuit', which happens to be the lightest shade on that strip from Sherwin Williams. I'm hording lighting ideas, including some sconces or lanterns for either side of the rustic wood board.  The small rattan uplights from Target up there currently look awesome turned on at night, but look dinky during the day. And I have some more sewing to do to tie in the green chairs to the scheme.

Happy for now :)  

 I'm almost done with the master re-do as well.  I'll be showing off the new paint color, sewing projects, headboard building, and decor soon!

So what do ya think?  Improvement?
Think I'm nutso for putting a huge piece of scrap wood on my mantel?



Walter Wyn joined our family last night at 9:57.
My first grandson, 2nd grandchild.
Robyn Rose's baby brother.

He was delivered at (my) home, right on Gramma's bed. :) 

Then the midwife weighed him all wrapped up in a towel....
7lb. 11oz., 21in. long.
Of sheer Goodness. 

                                                Robyn has learned to say 'Baby Wawwt'. (Baby Walt)

My daughter Kristen was a goddess thru it all.
So proud of her.

We're all in babymoon.  
Life is very, very wonderful.


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